Idolmaster Producer Greeting Kit Lets You Network in Style

Idolmaster Producer Greeting Kit

If you’ve ever wondered if there were a way to both formally introduce yourself to potential business partners and display your abiding affection for your favorite Idolmaster idol, worry not: Bandai Namco has heard your cries. The company has released a free app called The Idolmaster Producer Greeting Kit, that allows you and anyone like you to do just that.

Check out the promo for the The Idolmaster Producer Greeting Kit:

The Idolmaster Producer Greeting Kit app itself is fairly simple in concept, but rich in features. It’s not a game, but essentially an Idolmaster-themed custom business card creator. Users can create their own customized business cards, first by selecting a custom frame from a wide selection of bespoke designs. Then they can select an idol from the Idolmaster franchise’s huge roster of characters. The app also has fields to display personal information, including names, contact info, social media handles, and other essentials.

Of course, there’s more to business cards in Japan than just the card itself. As any beginner’s international etiquette guide will attest, one should conduct a business card exchange (“meishi koukan”) by holding one’s business card by the top corners, avoiding obscuring any logos or names, and presenting it in both hands with a bow. Out of respect for the need to occasionally maintain distance, and acknowledgement of the digital age, The Idolmaster Producer Greeting Kit allows users to exchange cards by simply holding their phones the same way and sliding their thumbs up the side of the screen to send a card to a nearby phone via local networking. Received cards can also include account hooks for social media services, allowing a user to instantly follow another with the touch of a button. Bandai Namco is releasing the Idolmaster Producer Greeting Kit for free, and plans to add more art and characters to expand every Idolmaster fan’s ability to, as the slogan says, turn a person from a stranger…into a comrade.

The Idolmaster Producer Greeting Kit is immediately available from the Japanese Android and iOS app stores. The next mainline game in the franchise, The Idolmaster: Starlit Stage, is due for release on PS4 and PC in 2021.

Josh Tolentino
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