In Digimon World Re:Digitize, You Also Meet Players From The Real World


Last week’s issue of V Jump magazine revealed a few more details about Digimon World Re:Digitize, such as a new Mega-level Digimon: Chaosmon. It also introduces two new characters—Lily and Sebastian.


Lily’s full name is Emily Roschefall. She’s described as a selfish, high-class girl (ojousama) who loves to battle. Unfortunately for Lily, her skills are questionable. Or it could be the fact that she prefers to use “cute” monsters… like Numemon, the poop Digimon. Lily says she likes its eyes. Sebastian is Lily’s butler. He supports her in battle and uses his own Digimon, which are all Angel type.


The difference with these characters?  They’re still in the real world, playing the “Digimon” game. The main characters were sucked into the game.  However, there are also Tamers who are playing the game from the real world, and they appear in the game as hazy human-shaped outlines. Talk to them and you’re invited to battle.  Battles can be 1-on-1 and tag-team. There’s also a coliseum.