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In The Amazing Spider-Man, Scorpion Is Created Using The Venom Symbiote


The Amazing Spider-Man takes some interesting liberties with the cast of Spider-Man characters and their origins, according to an IGN report. You may recall that Oscorp, Norman Osborn’s company, is featured rather prominently in trailers for both the game and the movie. In the game, Oscorp seemingly has ties to a few other Spider-Man villains as villains as well.


IGN report that The Amazing Spider-Man’s version of Scorpion is created by Dr. Otto Octavius (eventually turning into Dr. Octopus in other continuities). Octavius decides to continue Curt Conners’ research. While Conners injected himself with lizard DNA and turned into the Lizard, Octavius injects human DNA into a highly venomous black fat-tailed scorpion.


That isn’t all, though. Along with human DNA, Octavius also throws in a dash of a mysterious, organic “black goo” that Oscorp retrieved from one of their fallen satellites. Hmm. That sounds an awful lot like the Venom symbiote…


Something to note is that neither Dr. Octavius nor the black goo appear in either the Amazing Spider-Man movie or game. Activision released these details simply to establish a back story for the Scorpion character.

Ishaan Sahdev
Ishaan specializes in game design/sales analysis. He's the former managing editor of Siliconera and wrote the book "The Legend of Zelda - A Complete Development History". He also used to moonlight as a professional manga editor. These days, his day job has nothing to do with games, but the two inform each other nonetheless.