Last year, we reported on Playism, a new digital distribution platform for indie games. Playism aims to bring western indie games to Japan and release Japanese doujin games for the west.


While the Japanese version of Playism has been up and running for several months now, the English site is scheduled to open in two days. One of the first titles offered by it will be the remake of La-Mulana, which was in publishing limbo for quite some time until its WiiWare release was finally cancelled in April.


Other titles available at Playism’s English launch will be:


Yume Nikki:


A popular adventure game where you explore a surreal dream world.


I’m Gonna be God of the Forest:


Control an eco-system by culling plants and animals, and turning them into nutrients, which form seeds and eggs. This gives rise to new creatures.


Pock’s Friend:


An adventure game in a picture book style.


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