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Indie Psychological Horror RPG Omori Coming To PC And Nintendo 3DS



Indie developer Omocat is developing a psychological horror RPG titled Omori, where you’ll travel between two worlds, both equally welcoming, both concealing the same secrets, and explore your own memories.


Omori will have more than 60 townsfolk to interact with, and over eight dungeons to explore. You’ll be able to choose your gender and name every character in your party. The game will use a turn-based battle system with statuses based on human emotions and conditions.


Omori originated as a story about a character described as a “depressed otaku”. Omocat, his creator, began by writing a short story about the character in 2012, and then went on to begin writing and illustrating a graphic novel about him. However, Omori was always envisioned as a game, and thanks to $203,000 from Kickstarter backers, it’s currently in development using RPG Maker VX.


Omocat says that Omori’s horror is more of the “messed up” variety, rather than the “scary” variety. The game will have multiple endings, though, and those can get “a little freaky”.


Omori is in development for PC/Mac and Nintendo 3DS. Following a warm reception from Japanese gamers, Omocat plans to have the game translated into Japanese as well.

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