Indie games publisher Rockin’ Android are all set to release their next shoot-em-up for PCs. Titled Diadra Empty, the game has you playing as a girl named Nyalra, who takes on a legion of monsters alongside her dragon Minimi, to in order to find her missing sister. Here’s a quick look at the game:



Diadra Empty is arguably one of the most unique shoot-’em-ups ever made.”, said Enrique Galvez, CEO of Rockin’ Android. “Diadra Empty confidently mixes up the bullet-hell genre by adding light touches of RPG and strategy, making it a wonderfully addictive game with a deeply rewarding story. The upgradable weapon system and unlockables will give players plenty of incentives to keep blasting away for quite a while.”


Diadra Empty is available now on Desura, Rice Digital, Amazon, and Gamersgate for $5.99.


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