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Indivisible Gets Crowdfunding Extension, Also Features A Dog Now



As Indivisible reached $900,000 of its overall $1.5 million funding goal before its Indiegogo campaign finished, it has been granted a 20-day extension. 


Alongside this, Lab Zero have revealed even more Incarnations, including a dog, and a woman who is basically Mulan. Have a look below:




Tenoch is the most famous Ōllamaliztli player in the city-state of Ixtapoala, renowned for hanging virtually motionless in the air to intercept the ulli ball, as well as the devastating speed and accuracy of his returns.

Ōllamaliztli matches are often used by politicians as symbolic proxies for political discussion, and a recent match against a neighboring city-state was rigged by corrupt officials. Every other player agreed to throw the game, except Tenoch, who single-handedly led his team to victory.

As conflict erupts in the region, Tenoch finds himself fearing for his life, and begins the arduous task of exposing the corruption and clearing his name.




The third daughter of the chieftain of the Wakinyan, Nuna shares her sisters’ gift – the ability to commune with nature. Drawing on the blessing of the Deohako, she can attune herself to all kinds of vegetation, encouraging them to grow and blossom. But she is young, and does not yet know the full extent of her abilities.


Together, the three sisters provide their tribe with an almost unending bounty. Recently, they have begun to share their surplus with neighboring tribes, hoping to form a Tribal Union and bring an end to the long years of relative isolation.


Being the youngest daughter and her father’s obvious favorite, many in the tribe feel that she must venture away from his coddling to truly grow and mature. Though she doesn’t flinch at hunting animals, the thought of hurting other people upsets her, and a future leader cannot ignore the reality of violence. Understandably reluctant to leave, Nuna is nonetheless excited to share her gift with others and experience more of the world and its flora.





Lanshi is a dog, which can only mean one thing: reincarnation as an animal, resulting from his ignorant ways in a past life.


Captured as a pup, Lanshi was mercilessly abused by his new owner, who hoped to turn the massive beast into a vicious guard dog. But throughout years of mistreatment, he somehow remained friendly and obedient. Eventually dismissed as useless, Lanshi was abandoned one winter morning to wander the desolate mountains alone. He now lives a lazy life taking frequent naps under the sun, and survives on scraps provided by the adoring townspeople of his new domain, challenged by none.


Of all the questions surrounding him, the most mysterious is how this seemingly docile dog possesses the Vajra, a powerful relic that allows him to conjure and manipulate lightning when threatened. Karma works in mysterious ways – perhaps the artifact is somehow connected to Lanshi’s previous misdeeds.




Secretly trained by her brother in the ways of combat, young Qadira became quite a formidable fighter. When she was finally of age, she joined her brother at the battlefront against the encroaching Iron Kingdom…only to learn that it was not a woman’s place to fight, but instead to tend the wounded and distribute supplies. Crestfallen but undeterred, Qadira worked earnestly as a nurse, remaining ever near her brother.

Then the unthinkable happened – she received word that during an assault her brother had been captured.  Without hesitation she donned his spare armor and signature green sash, and rushed into combat.

That day, in a dazzling display of skill, a mysterious warrior single-handedly turned the tide of battle. But with no sign of her brother, and now wary of revealing her true identity, Qadira’s quest is only just beginning.

Chris Priestman