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Indivisible May Get Full Voiceovers, Multiple Endings With Stretch Goals


Lab Zero may have got all its funding for Indivisible through Indiegogo on December 2nd 2015 but it’s not over yet. Stretch goals are still being eaten up.


This is on account of Indiegogo’s recently launched InDemand service that lets any successfully funded campaign raise more funds.


Due to this, two stretch goals for Indivisible have since been reached – that includes more music by Hiroki Kikuta and an animated opening by Titmouse and a mystery anime studio.


Having surpassed $1,900,000 in funding, the next two stretch goals for Indivisible have been unveiled. Here’s how they look:


  • $2,050,000 – Full VO for all major characters

Indivisible is currently budgeted to only have voices in battle and some critical story scenes. With the money raised for this stretch goal, we’ll expand the voice acting to cover all interactions with major characters.


  • $2,300,000 – Multiple endings & hardcore bonus dungeon

After the game is released, we’ll update it with multiple endings and a hardcore post-game bonus dungeon, with new monsters and more!


Oh, and there’s also been another Incarnation reveal that was due since the original campaign ended. Here you go…




“A master of his unique weapon, a poison-bladed chain scythe he calls "Fang", Ren’s incongruous beauty belies his violent nature. Many rumors surround this mysterious assassin, but the facts are few. Though known to have cleaned up messes for the ruling class of the Jade Empire, mercenary work is not beneath him – if one has need of him, and can locate him, he can be bought. And of course, there is the signature forked tongue he gives to each and every victim.


Past those scant few details, little is known. Rumored to strike with the speed of a cobra and to be impervious to heat and cold, there are those who whisper of an unholy union of human and snake. Some say he waits within the shadows, biding his time until the perfect moment, while others maintain that he approaches his victims in broad daylight, unconcerned with any defenses. He is said to kill for pleasure, to kill for greed, or to kill in an attempt to sate the void inside his soul.


Despite the varied speculation, on one point the stories all agree: a bite from Ren’s Fang is always fatal.”

Chris Priestman