Initial D The Arcade Will Start Drifting Next Spring In Japan

Initial D The Arcade manga shader

Sega delivered more new information on Initial D The Arcade during a livestream that aired on December 11, 2020. The development team revealed more gameplay features that the new arcade game will have. We previously learned there would be four-player races.

Initial D The Arcade will feature a new Story Mode that makes the player’s avatar a new rising star in the series’ universe, with its story supervised by the original creator, Shuichi Shigeno. Cutscenes in the Story Mode will be depicted with a manga-like monochromic shader. The new game will revamp the player avatar designs, while adding new car customization parts from Pandem and Rocket Bunny.

Sega also revealed more details about the game’s soundtrack. Although Initial D The Arcade will feature an all-new Eurobeat soundtrack produced by A-One, various artists will appear in the new songs. One of the singers confirmed in the lineup is Ken Blast, whose Super Eurobeat songs were also featured in prior Initial D titles. The opening theme song, “Scramble Eyes,” is performed with Motsu, who was also well-known as the rapper in m.o.v.e. and Altima.

Those who have played the current version of Initial D Arcade Stage Zero will receive bonuses when The Arcade launches. The higher their rank in Zero is, the more rewards they will receive in The Arcade. Every owned car that has been fully tuned in Zero will also be converted to Full Tune Car Tickets that let them buy another fully-tuned car in The Arcade.

Initial D The Arcade is slated to launch in Japanese arcades in Spring 2021. Sega will also hold the final pre-launch public test of the new arcade game in January 2021.

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