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Is Resident Evil 5: Alternate Edition The Same As Director’s Cut?




At TGS, Capcom showed off a Resident Evil 5: Alternate Edition being controlled with Sony’s motion wand, similar to Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. The catch is that, at least at present, you control movement by holding the Dualshock 3 in your free hand, which sounds rather clumsy.


More interesting was producer Jun Takeuchi’s hint at Resident Evil 5: Alternate Edition featuring extra content. It is likely this is the same as the Director’s Cut edition that was mentioned earlier and this video from fansite Biohaze seems to confirm it. It sounds like a great way to get people to buy the game again. The question is, will Capcom also release the extra content via DLC?


It certainly makes sense for them to do so or Xbox 360 owners would be left out of the loop. Resident Evil 5: Alternate Edition has a Spring 2010 release date, which is around the same time that Sony’s motion wand will debut at retail.


For people wondering what some of the extra content could be, we already know it features Jill in some way. A few months ago, a ton of beta concept art from the Biohazard 5 Official Art Works book made its way onto the web. One scene involved Wesker carrying an unconscious Jill and another featured what seems to be her teaming up with Chris while Sheva gets taken captive.


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