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It’s A Wonderful World dated in Japan


suba1.jpgIt’s A Wonderful World is just one of those titles that hasn’t really had much said about it aside from the fact that time plays a huge issue in the game and player’s will control one character with the stylus and another character traditionally (d-pad + buttons on DS). Sounds like a pretty interesting concept, and what better way to talk more about It’s A Wonderful World than to reveal its release date?


Famitsu makes mention of It’s A Wonderful World seeing a release date in Japan on July 27, or summer time, for the nice price of 5980 yen (just about $50USD when rounded off). If you’ve been eying this original Square-Enix IP that isn’t a Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest milkage, then you may take comfort in knowing you can import it…or wait for a U.S. release should there be one. Past the break is the official box art for the game as well as a scan from Shonen Jump.







h-103_71485_2.jpg  h-103_71485_3.jpg


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