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Jade Teams in Honkai: Star Rail Take Advantage of her Charges

Between her follow-up attack and her Skill, Jade is an amazing sub-DPS on hyper-carry teams in Honkai: Star Rail. Due to how flexible she is as a unit, you can put her with a vast majority of characters, though she works the best with Destruction and Erudition units.

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To best understand how to build your own Jade teams in Honkai: Star Rail, you should know how she works. Jade can use her Skill to turn an ally (or herself) into a Debt Collector. When she uses Acquisition Surety on an ally, they gain a SPD boost and Jade deals a percentage of her ATK every time they attack. She will also consume a portion of their HP. Every time Jade or her Debt Collector hits an enemy, Jade gains a stack of Charge. At 8 stacks, she will unleash a follow-up attack.

Here are the best teams for Jade in Honkai: Star Rail

star rail jade teams
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  • Blade | Jade | Bronya | Huohuo
    Jade and Blade have amazing synergy, as Jade’s consumption of Blade’s HP when he’s a Debt Collector will give him a Charge stack. As Blade can also attack multiple enemies at once with his follow-up attack and his Enhanced Basic Attack, this in turn gives Jade plenty of Charges for her own follow-up attack. Huohuo is there not only as the sustain but also to help restore some Energy with her Ultimate. Bronya is also a great support, as both Blade and Jade want Crit DMG. If you have some SP to spare, Bronya can also give Blade more turns in battle.
  • Dr. Ratio | Jade | Robin | Aventurine
    Because Dr. Ratio is only really able to hit one or two enemies at once, Jade’s AoE attacks can be really useful. As this team focuses almost entirely on follow-up attacks, Robin is one of the best supports to have. If you have concerns about this team’s damage potential, you can also bring in Topaz as yet another attacker.
  • Herta | Jade | Asta | Lynx
    This is the team that HoYoVerse gives us for Jade’s aptitude test and it’s for a good reason. Herta is a fantastic attacker to run with Jade because she can hit multiple enemies at once with her Skill and follow-up attack. Because of how often Herta can trigger it in modes like Pure Fiction, Jade will also be able to get plenty of stacks for her own follow-up attack. Asta is a good support for this team since her Ultimate can grant Herta and Jade more turns with the SPD boost. You can honestly replace Lynx with another sustain if you want. Depending on the enemies’ weaknesses, you can also replace Herta with Himeko.
  • Argenti | Jade | Robin | Huohuo
    Like with Herta, Argenti is a good attacker for Jade because of how he can hit multiple enemies at once with his Skill and his Ultimate. He is also one of the best attackers to use in Pure Fiction for this reason. You can technically replace Robin with another character like Tingyun if you’re having trouble keeping up with Argenti’s Energy needs. Huohuo is a sustain and also a battery with her Ultimate.
  • Jade | Topaz | Robin | Aventurine
    Jade is technically able to work as an attacker herself, as she can grant herself the Debt Collector status. You can also grant it to Topaz and have her work as the main DPS of the party. Robin and Aventurine are, again, some of the best supports and sustains to have in a follow-up attack party. But if you want to, you can replace Robin with someone like Asta or Ruan Mei.

Honkai: Star Rail is readily available on the PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices. You can only pull for Jade in Honkai: Star Rail when the “Lien on Life, Lease on Fate” Event Warp is live.

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