Why Japan Still Doesn’t Have Pokémon GO



Pokémon GO released earlier this month in the US and more recently in Europe. Canada got the app yesterday, but what about Japan? Niantic CEO John Hanke explained why in an interview with Forbes.


Here’s what John Hanke had to say about why fans from Japan aren’t able to join in on the recent craze that has taken over the world:


“At present, the server capacity in Japan is not powerful enough. We are working hard with our partners in Japan to enable the servers to keep up with demand once the game goes online there. We expect it to be released by the end of July,” said Hanke.


Following Canada and the 26 other new countries that recently got Pokémon GO, it looks like Japan will finally get the app in late-July and we’ll surely see some entertaining screenshots showing Meowths hanging out in Ginza and more from our friends on the other side of the Pacific.


Pokémon GO is currently available for Android and iPhone.

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