This week in Japan, Nintendo are going to be releasing one of their more obscure classic games for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console—Famicom Fairytales: Shin Onigashima. The game begins with a couple being told that they will soon be entrusted with the care of two children.


Soon enough, the couple run into the two babies, Donbe and Hikari, and proceed to raise them as their own.


Eight years later, an evil dragon attacks and begins to steal people’s souls, turning them into Oni. It isn’t long before Donbe and Hikari watch their parents being Oni-fied themselves, and decide to set out on a journey to save them. Along the way, they also learn of their own mysterious origin.


Shin Onigashima is a text-based adventure game. You select commands like “Talk,” “Move” or “Look” from a menu, and then select an object or place to interact with the command.


Famicom Fairytales: Shin Onigashima was originally released as two parts on the Famicom Disk System. On Virtual Console, the game will cost 500 yen.


Ishaan Sahdev
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