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Kaiju Busters Powered Has A Powered Buggy


    What is Kaiju Busters? In a nutshell, it’s a Monster Hunter clone for the Nintendo DS, based on the Ultraman franchise, where you (along with three other local partners) can go around exploring planets, gathering material and killing monsters.


    You take on the role of a member of the Science Patrol, and take on all sorts of crazy creatures like a Godzilla lookalike sand-surfing on a tank. Once you’re done hunting them down, you can use their bodies to craft armour. Here, take a look.


    Like any good Monster Hunter-esque game, Kaiju Busters is being followed up by an updated, improved release in the form of Kaiju Busters Powered.


    What’s being updated? Multiplayer, for one.


    Namco are promising an improved multiplayer mode, and the ability to play story missions in multiplayer. The number of missions has been greatly increased, too. Additionally, the game features a “Powered Buggy” that holds up to three players, each one manning a different part of the vehicle.


    The Powered Buggy can be customized to traverse different kinds of terrain and outfitted with various speed and weapon customizations to suit different situations. You can watch a short clip of the Powered Buggy in action over at 4Gamer. And here’s a look at some of the new monsters in the game:


    kaiju_powered_005 kaiju_powered_003 kaiju_powered_006 kaiju_powered_008


    Kaiju Busters Powered is slated for a January 20th, 2011 release in Japan.

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