Kaiju No 8 GFuel Involves a Good Balance of Sweetness
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Kaiju No 8 GFuel Involves a Good Balance of Sweetness

GFuel often puts together partnerships with games and anime series. Do the tastes tied to properties always make sense? No. (I don’t really think of citrus fruits or strawberries when I play Persona 3 Reload.) But after a busy not-E3-June, I did try the Kaiju No 8 Full Release GFuel inspired by the anime to help stay awake and survive. While I don’t immediately associate kiwi or berry with Kafka or kaiju in general, I was really pleased with the flavor and it did help me get through some long work days.

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It’s honestly been a while since I did drink GFuel, prior to binge with the Kaiju No 8 Kiwi Berry Blitz energy formula variant. Like I used to rely on the Peach Ring Sonic the Hedgehog version. I appreciated that one because it had a peach flavor, without tasting too artificial or having a strong aftertaste. In the case of the this variety, I tried a bit of the powder on its own first. The powder color (and ensuing drink) is a lighter shade of the teal associated with Kafka in the series. The smell of berry comes through more than kiwi, as you might expect. I also didn’t notice any chemical scent, which was a positive. I recall some earlier products from the company could smell a bit awry.

Even when I just sampled a taste of the powder for the Kaiju No 8 GFuel, I noticed that it wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet. The powder definitely tasted more like a fruit-based kiwi and berry product. However, it was a bit more subtle than I expected. Like when I was a kid, I would have probably gone for Pixy Stix in this flavor.

Once fully mixed, the actual Kaiju No 8 Full Release GFuel ends up looking a bit more true to Kafka’s color scheme in his kaiju form. The kiwi flavor is blended well into it, in such a way that it doesn’t come across as strong as it does in say the Snapple strawberry kiwi variety. It also definitely tastes like there is a mix of berries used in putting the flavor together, rather than a straightforward blend of strawberry and kiwi. I definitely tasted some blueberry and raspberry in there. Oddly enough, I felt like some pineapple came through as well, and I wasn’t surprised when I checked the ingredient list to see that powder was included in the ingredients. Also, I appreciated that this was a lighter color drink that didn’t stain the glass and was easier to clean.

As for the actual amount of energy, it was fine. I’ve always noticed with GFuel that there is sufficient caffeine and other energy-related vitamins and ingredients in the ensuing drinks to keep me awake. A serving of the Kaiju No 8 Full Release variant is 140mg, which is less caffeine than two cups of coffee. Since I’m not the biggest fan of coffee and I don’t want the over 200mg of caffeine I’d get in like an energy shot or 300mg in something like a Bang Energy, it’s perfect. I don’t end up feeling shaky after a glass of this, and it usually doesn’t have a negative effect on my regular sleep patterns. 

As far as GFuel anime tie-in flavors goes, I enjoyed the Kaiju No 8 Full Release variety. The kiwi and berry flavors go well together, and the other fruit powders tossed into it don’t detract from that. The amount of energy I got out of it helped. Plus while it initially didn’t scream “Kaiju No 8” to me, the final color of the drink does match Kafka’s energy.

The Kaiju No 8 Full Release GFuel is available now, and the anime is streaming on Crunchyroll. Viz Media handles the manga outside Japan. Kaiju No 8: The Game is in development for PCs and mobile devices. 

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