Katamari Damacy Mobile 2 Crosses Over With Tekken, Pac-Man And Galaga

Namco have released another Katamari title for the iPhone: Katamari Damacy 2, which crosses over not only with Pac-Man (just like Katamari Amore), but also with Galaga and Tekken. This is in the form of downloadable stages, which Namco Bandai are releasing in packs. They’re broken up like this:


Roll through the World pack:

John’s room

South America ruins

North Africa

East asia palace

Cosmos Center

Western Europe




Roll through time pack:

Secret Laboratory

Rome Coliseum

Cave of Origin

Western Town

Age of Discovery Port town

Cosmos Colony




Roll through the city pack:

Kids room


High school

Shopping mall

City Square

Big City



katamari_mobile_2_003 katamari_mobile_2_001


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