The original Katamari Damacy is being released in North America as a PlayStation 2 Classic on PlayStation 3 this week.



As always, the game will be available on Tuesday, when the PlayStation Store is updated. Here’s the summary provided by Sony:


Ever wonder what it would be like to roll around and collect everything you touched in one massive heap? Well that’s exactly the premise of Namco’s strange action game Katamari Damacy. In it, players assume the role of the Prince of the Cosmos as he undertakes a quest to right the wrongs of his father who accidentally knocked the stars out of the sky. The only way to fix it is to roll around the world and collect as many items as possible in one gigantic clump. Both a single player story mode and two-player battle feature are included for the romp, and gamers will be able to accumulate hundreds of different items of various shapes and sizes.


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