Xenoblade Chronicles X designer Koh Kojima has taken to Twitter once again to discuss a couple of the game’s characters. In particular, Kojima says, players will want to look out for an alien lady that was shown in the recent battle system presentation.


“Don’t you wonder who the woman with the head like a squid appearing near the end of the battle compilation is?” Kojima wrote on Twitter.


“She does appear to be rather cruel and evil,” he added. “She’s actually pretty popular among the development staff. I think we’ve managed to create a very intriguing character. By the way, she was designed by Ms. Yoko Tsukamoto.”


Following that, Kojima talked about Tatsu, the Nopon character that will be one of your allies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Unlike Riki from Xenoblade, Tatsu will not partake in battles. Nonetheless, he is one of the game’s main supporting cast.


“Regarding Tatsu, of whom we’ve had a plush made… to tell the truth, there was actually quite the debate on whether to include a Nopon or not when we began development,” Kojima said. “The designers in charge of events just kept pitching ideas using Nopons. Ultimately, [Tetsuya] Takahashi joined in the excitement and pushed for the character of Tatsu, and I’m now glad we included Nopons after all.”


Xenoblade Chronicles X will be released in Japan on April 29th.


Food for thought:

A tip from Kojima regarding the game’s website: the header image at the top of the site can be changed by clicking the arrows to the left and right. The alternate image is the one you see below—it’s the large enemy mech the squid girl is piloting at the very end of the battle presentation.


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