Key Releases Stella of the End Opening Movie

Stella of the End

Key is working on its next visual novel, Stella of the End (a.k.a. Tsui no Stella). First announced back in 2020, the game is due out on September 30, 2022. With the game coming soon, Key released the Stella of the End opening to get fans excited.

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Check it out below. The OP is set to the song “breath of stella” by Zero Aimiya.

Stella of the End is a “kinetic novel”, a subtype of visual novel that eschews gameplay conventions like multiple endings. Some of Key’s other works, like Planetarian and Harmonia, are also classified as kinetic novels.

The game’s set in the future, in a time when humanity is forced to live in the shadows of the machines it created. Earth is now under the control of a group of machines that gained sentience and created the long-theorized “singularity”.  “Transporters” shuttle goods between human settlements, braving the elements, hostile machines, and human bandits. One day, a transporter named Jude Grey receives an odd request: To transport Filia, an android in the form of a young girl. Developed as a substitute family member, the android is somehow unaffected by the Singularity Machines. The transporter and the girl set out on their journey, trying to make their way to a space elevator. Rumor has it that androids who make it to the space elevator’s summit can be made human. Is it true?

Stella of the End will release for PCs in Japan on September 30, 2022. No international release plans have been announced as of yet. Loopers, a Key kinetic novel announced alongside Stella of the End, was released in English on June 2, 2022.

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