Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will use a different voice-actor for Snake. Konami announced this morning that Kiefer Sutherland will be voicing the character, as well as doing the motion capture for him.


The Phantom Pain is about “race and revenge” according to series creator Hideo Kojima. Snake is 49-years-old in the game, so Kojima wanted a more subdued performance for the character, expressed more through facial expressions rather than tone of voice.


Sutherland was recommended to Kojima by Avi Arad, who you might know from his involvement in several  Marvel Comics projects. Arad is also working with Kojima on the Metal Gear Solid movie.


Sutherland says that he doesn’t play games, but that even he’d heard of Metal Gear Solid and its success. Kojima remarked that Sutherland immediately understood what he required of his performance.


You can watch Konami’s pre-E3 presentation in its entirety below:




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