Starfish released Yukinkoto Daisenpuu, a spiritual successor to the Kiki KaiKai (aka Pocky & Rocky outside Japan) series, for Wii owners in Japan back in December. UFO Interactive was supposed to release this in North America as Kiki Kai World. They even made official packaging for it.


Fast forward to 2008 and Kiki Kai World mysteriously vanished from UFO Interactive’s webpage. The title also vanished off multiple retail lists including Amazon’s, Gamestop’s and Gamefly’s. The absence on Gamefly’s list feels like a dire warning sign since they still have Space Station Tycoon (placed on infinite hiatus) and Project H.A.M.M.E.R. (cancelled) with TBD release dates. On the plus side, the loss of Kiki Kai World doesn’t seem to be affecting the release of The Monkey King: The Legend Begins.


Update: As people in the comments point out UFO Interactive changed the name to Heavenly Guardian. Thanks for the correction! But that's still pretty strange because Starfish never released a PlayStation 2 version of Yukinkoto Daisenpuu in Japan, it was Wii only there! Here it's PS2 only?

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