King of Fighters Allstar’s Next Collaboration Involves the WWE

king of fighters wwe

For just under a year, SNK and Netmarble have been running a gacha-based, mobile beat ’em up called King of Fighters Allstar. Through building teams of various KoF character iterations, players can get a new perspective on their favorites, Streets of Rage style. Collaborations draw folks to gacha games, and King of Fighters Allstar‘s first one, featuring Tekken, went quite well. It’s about time for the second collaborative event, and the IP involved is a little on the unexpected side. If you smell what the Orochi is cooking, you might be excited for KOF ALLSTAR X WWE.

Yes, you read that right. SNK’s King of Fighters roster is about to step into the squared circle with some number of WWE Superstars. Official channels haven’t yet revealed any wrestlers or other new features just yet, but I’ll personally be shocked if popular legacy characters like The Rock or The Undertaker don’t make an appearance. Considering the Tekken event only included a handful of characters, don’t count on your mid-card favorites to show up.

The only detail we have right now is the logo graphic for the collaboration, which doesn’t help this bizarre crossover feel real. The announcement tweet includes a website link, but as of this writing it hasn’t yet been updated with news on who is showing up.

King of Fighters Allstar is available for compatible Apple iOS and Android devices.

Lucas White
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