Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Will Be a New Game Available Through the Kingdom Hearts Union χ App

Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road

We all thought that Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road was going to be a new mobile game but as it turns out, it will be a title available within Kingdom Hearts Union χ app. Square Enix shared details over at the official website.

So basically, Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road, which was first shown off as Project Xehanort, will be a part of Union χ as a brand-new game available within the app.

The website also notes that Union χ will be combined into Kingdom Hearts U χ Dark Road which features the two titles. However, Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road will be a standalone game that you can play without playing Union χ.

Here’s a look at some info from Square Enix:

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road

Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road

Exhilarating, high-speed battles that depend on reflexes!

Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road

Uncover Xehanort’s past—

Lastly, there’s a Kingdom Hearts Union χ & Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Link Campaign:

The more you complete your Kingdom Hearts Union χ Medal Album, the more points you can earn in Kingdom Hearts: Dark RoadYou can use these points to trade in for cards used in battle. This will be a one-time event for the release of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road. Only those who played Kingdom Hearts Union χ will be eligible.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ is available for iOS and Android.

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