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Kingdom Hearts III Q&A Details Double Form, Secret Boss Difficulty, More on ReMIND DLC

Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND DLC

Square Enix shared a Q&A for Kingdom Hearts III that has more details for the ReMIND DLC including Sora’s new Double Form, secret boss difficulty, and more.

The Q&A is titled “7 Lights and 13 Darknesses Q&A” and we got a look at seven topics as part of “The 7 Questions of Light”:

Q1: What are the contents of the Version 1.07 (free update)?

Tai Yasue, co-director: “You can acquire the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades. You can change forms with Oathkeeper’s “Light Form” and Oblivion’s “Dark Form” to use exclusive combo action. You can also change form to “Double Form” and fight while dual-wielding both Keyblades. Additionally, the update adds six action abilities for normal combos and cut-scene fixes. We’ve also unlocked a bunch of parts that were previously forbidden from sharing.”

Q2: What is the aim behind enhancing photo functions with Data Greeting and Slideshow?

Tai Yasue: “The gameplay videos that everyone uploaded after the release was super cool and interesting. Since it really moved us, we decided to add DLC to liven things up more. With Data Greeting you can select characters, use your favorite poses and effects to take photos. You can then use that picture in Slideshow, pick a theme and music, to easily make your own personalized video. We held a photo competition to test the function with all members from the development team to test it out. We had numerous pictures including heartwarming pictures you won’t see in the game or even things that’ll make you go huh? Is this even allowed? I think a lot of people will have fun with it.”

Q3: Tell us what’s fun about the Premium Menu. Also, what’s the idea behind the Fastpass Code, and Pro Codes that put you at a disadvantage?

Tai Yasue: “The Premium Menu is a function that allows you to customize various game settings at the options. You can select Fastpass Code or Pro Codes when starting a new game. Fastpass Code has things like “Auto-Guard,” a setting made for people that want to quickly advance through the game. Pro Codes have “HP Slip” (HP temporarily decreases over time) and such, for those who want to enjoy a higher difficulty game. Furthermore,  Fastpass Code and Pro Codes have their own exclusive Achievements, so you can change various settings to score more Achievements. We’ve also prepared some curveballs, such as a Fastpass Code Achievement that requires you to go from Rapunzel’s Tower to Corona but you’ll need to avoid touching the ground.”

Q4: Are the Real Organization XIII members that appear as LImit Cut Bosses different from the Real Organization XIII members that appear in the game? Also, who are some of the tougher bosses to fight?

Tai Yasue: They’re completely new. We changed everything from AI to action. Some characters you can’t beat unless you’re defensive, some unless you’re offensive, and there are some characters with difficult moves to read. They all have their own strengths and ways to enjoy, so the tough fights with characters vary from person to person. However, Xion and Master Xehanort are stronger compared to the others. My hands were shaking for about 15 minutes after beating them, the sense of excitement and satisfaction is really something else.”

Q5: Nomura-san requested a Secret Boss that is “hard enough to make you cry.” Is it hard enough to make you cry?

Tai Yasue: “We had testers and developers who beat secret bosses from past Kingdom Hearts games, and we did, in fact, get feedback saying “hard enough to make you cry.” It’s a secret boss with an especially high number of attack patterns and will take time to strategize. However, just like the Real Organization XIII members, you can strategize against all their moves, so it’s not impossibly hard, and you can even beat them with no damage for perfect play.”

Q6: Are there any other parts added with ReMIND?

Tai Yasue: “In addition to complementing the story’s ending, ReMIND offers an additional story that lets you play as Kairi, Roxas, Riku, Aqua with new coordinated action. There’s a function that lets you switch voiceovers between Japanese and English, and a mode to enjoy video and music from the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra.”

Q7: Lastly, please share a message for the fans

Tai Yasue: “The DLC fully expands on everything from battle to story to systems. It is shaping out to be something that’ll allow you to further enjoy Kingdom Hearts III. ReMIND is there for those who want more story and new playable characters. Slideshow and Data Greeting are there for those who want something creative. The Limit Cut Real Organization XIII is there for those looking to challenge tough fights. Those who want a taste of the beautiful music and videos can check out the orchestra videos.  We’ve prepared a vast amount of content for all kinds of different tastes, so please look forward to playing!”

Co-director Tai Yasue

Kingdom Hearts III is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Kingdom Hearts III‘s ReMIND DLC arrives on PS4 January 23, 2020, and to Xbox One on February 25, 2020. Check our previous report for more details including Data Greeting, Slideshow, Premium Menu, and the new Double Form. You can also check here for a Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND DLC + Concert Video pack preview trailer.

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