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Kingdom Hearts III’s Gummi Ship Part Is Being Handled By Einhänder Staff



Kingdom Hearts III director Tetsuya Nomura had more to share in a Dengeki PlayStation interview, where he revealed that the Gummi Ship parts are being handled by staff of Square’s 1997 scrolling shooter Einhänder. [Thanks, Hokanko-Alt.]


Here are some highlights from the interview that wasn’t covered in our previous report, starting with some Gummi Ship info:


  • The Gummi Ship is being developed by Einhänder director and staff. Nomura was a big fan of Einhänder and he’s looking forward to checking it out when it’s done.


  • The Gummi Ship has a battle specialization mode and a free movement mode. They’re calling it an open-world Gummi Ship.


  • There will be Gummi Ship customization with more details coming later.


  • The reason Square Enix went with the Hercules and Toy Story worlds for the Premiere Event was because they’re the closest to the finished product in terms of quality.


  • Camera rotation and such are some of the adjustments from the demo feedback that will be worked on until the last minute.


  • Since everything had to be made from ground-up, it’s been quite the struggle.


  • The difficulty of the Premiere Event demo was easier than Standard Mode and more difficult than Beginner Mode.


  • The order of worlds you’ll visit has mostly been decided.


  • Kingdom Hearts III won’t have optional worlds, as most players check them all out.


  • More info on New Organization XIII will be revealed bits at a time leading to its release.


  • Those who play Kingdom Hearts Union χ and Kingdom Hearts III will get a better understanding about Marluxia.


You can check out more from Nomura about Kingdom Hearts III here, and bits on Final Fantasy VII Remake here.


Kingdom Hearts III releases in Japan and Asia on January 25, 2019 and in North America and Europe in January 29, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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