Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files Book Releases with a New Short Story On February 20, 2020

    Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files

    Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files, a 224-page book containing info on over 200 characters from Kingdom Hearts to Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND.Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files

    The B5-size book comes with 224 pages, priced at 3,080 yen. It features a thorough introduction for the many charming characters that appeared from Kingdom Hearts to Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND. Above all else, it comes with a brand-new short story.

    Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files

    The above is a sample page showing Xigbar. Additionally, the book is split into four chapters:

    • Chapter 1 – The Guardian of Light and Those Connected
    • Chapter 2 – Real Organization XIII and the Force of Darkness
    • Chapter 3 – World Character
    • Chapter 4 – Ancient Keyblade Wielders

    Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files releases in Japan on February 20, 2020. Kingdom Hearts III is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The ReMIND DLC launches for PS4 first on January 23, 2020. It releases for Xbox One on February 25, 2020. Check out new screenshots in our previous report.

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