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Kingdom Hearts Union χ Now On Amazon Devices; Getting Its Starlight Keyblade For Kingdom Hearts III


Kingdom Hearts III Starlight Keyblade

Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] has been available on smartphones for a few years and it is finally out for Amazon devices to coincide with the release of Kingdom Hearts III.

For a limited time, players can play Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] to unlock early-access to its Starlight Keyblade, the main Keyblade used by the player character in the smartphone game.

This is done by playing the “Classic Kingdom” mini-games found in the “χ3 [ex tres]” menu. The product code for the Keyblade can be acquired by completing the goals and achieving the scores shown in the above image. After clearing all five goals, head to the “Limited-Time Challenge” page where you’re given the choice of PS4 and Xbox One versions for the early-access code of the Starlight Keyblade.

Keep in mind that this simply helps you acquire the Starlight Keyblade from the very beginning of the game, otherwise you can still get it in Kingdom Hearts III without needing to play Kingdom Hearts Union χ.

Starlight Keyblade


Kingdom Hearts Union χ is available for iOS, Android, and now Amazon devices. Kingdom Hearts III is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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