KiraKira and Deardrops Come Together For A Duet In d2b vs Deardrops


MangaGamer’s d2b vs Deardrops is available today, the publisher has announced. The visual novel is a crossover between two of MangaGamer’s previous releases—KiraKira and Deardrops—both developed by Overdrive.


d2b is set approximately ten years after KiraKira and around three years after Deardrops. Since the original games, the members of the Second Literature Club band haven’t really done anything with music since they graduated, with the exception of Kirari. At present, they’re carrying their lives out as regular members of society.


Meanwhile, the Deardrops band is awaiting the return of Shoichi, who left for Germany three years prior. In the interim, they’ve continued to practice gigs as they await his return.


Here’s a quick story summary for the game:


When Riho sees Shoichi performing on stage with Kirari, her jealousy burns bright, and she welcomes him back to Japan with a flying kick to the face! So when Kirari asks if DEARDROPS will perform at her upcoming anniversary concert, the gloves come off. The Second Literature Club Band and DEARDROPS… what will happen when these two bands clash? How will they change each others’ lives as they both prepare for this battle of the bands?


d2b vs Deardrops costs $19.95 and is an All-Ages release.


Ishaan Sahdev
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