Knights in the Nightmare Studio Also Has A Smartphone RPG About Puzzles And Dragons


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Back in 2012, we reported that hardcore RPG developer Sting had officially partnered with Idea Factory and Compile Heart. At the time, fans of Sting’s RPGs—which included titles such as Knights in the Nightmare and Hexyz Force—were none too pleased about the possibility of the studio joining the Neptunia conglomerate, and were even less pleased when Sting actually did go on to work on Neptunia title.


Neptunia aside, though, Sting have also quietly been working on smartphone RPGs. Their latest is called Gather of Dragons V2, and it puts together a mix of puzzle dungeons and fights against giant dragons. The official website shares more details.



The above trailer shows the highlights for Gather of Dragons, where you can see some of the artwork and battles against dragons at the beginning of the video.


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Rather than fighting waves of monsters for the dungeons, Gather of Dragons has an intricate puzzle RPG system, where you’ll move around routes in puzzle game-like fashion to help your character advance to their way through the dungeon. You can also score more money in the dungeons by doing combos.


As you take on the dungeon puzzles and dragon bosses, you’ll get different rare materials to make weapons. There are over 1,000 different types of equipment to get, so there’s plenty to work towards in the game.


Players have a wide range of customization options for hairstyles, eye shapes and color, so they can make unique characters, along with all kinds of different gear to give them their own looks.


Gather of Dragons V2 is currently available in Japan for Android and iPhone. The game is free-to-play with micro-transactions.

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