Koei Tecmo Steam Sale Makes Nioh and Atelier Ryza More Affordable

Koei Tecmo Steam Sale

If you’ve had your eye on grabbing one of Koei Tecmo’s PC releases on Steam, this weekend has you covered. The Koei Tecmo Steam Sale is now live and will run until March 9, 2020. As is the custom with Steam’s “Publisher Weekend” promotions, there are a number of deals available. PC editions of recent, as well as classic, Koei Tecmo games are discounted by up to 90%.

Headlining the Koei Tecmo Steam Sale is Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout at 30% off. The game is quite recent, as it only released on October 29, 2019. Other Atelier franchise titles are available at a discount too. Notably, the whole Dusk Trilogy, consisting of  Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk, Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky, and Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea , is 15% off, bringing their prices under $15 each. Considering that this trilogy is sold as a pack on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $89.99, that’s a good deal for Atelier fans who prefer the PC.

Non-Atelier deals are also present. Games from the Dynasty Warriors, Nobunaga’s Ambition, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms franchises are also on sale, including this year’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV (which also recently debuted its own free Atelier Ryza DLC). Standalone titles like Blue Reflection and Berserk and the Band of the Hawk are also on offer.

Check out the Koei Tecmo Steam Sale this weekend. Your region may affect the visible selection and prices.

Josh Tolentino
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