KOF XV Yuri Sakazaki Is Still As Cheerful As Ever In Her Trailer

KOF XV Yuri Sakazaki

SNK is continuing its weekly character trailer publication for The King of Fighters XV. Yuri Sakazaki is the ninth character to receive a personal trailer in KOF XV and the second female fighter after Chizuru Kagura. Officially known as the Wild Flying Swallow, the younger sister to Ryo Sakazaki is also famous for her cheerful disposition and improvised fighting style.

Yuri first appeared in Art of Fighting title in 1992. However, she would make her playable debut in Art of Fighting 2, released on Neo Geo and arcades in February 1994. She was also available in the first KOF game, The King of Fighters ’94, by joining a different team from her brother Ryo and father Takuma. Yuri has been present in almost all mainline KOF titles, with The King of Fighters XII as the sole exception.

Yuri’s father, Takuma Sakazaki, taught her Kyokugenryu Karate for self-defense after being kidnapped in Art of Fighting. However, as she only received basic training, she added more moves like the rapid Slipstream Handslap to her skill set. The new KOF XV trailer shows how Yuri uses her improvised martial arts against Andy Bogard and Meitenkun.

The King of Fighters XV will be available in 2021. SNK has still yet to confirm platforms for the upcoming fighting game.

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