Kojima Productions Seiko Watch Will Align Its Time With GPS

Kojima Productions Seiko Astron watch

Kojima Productions and Seiko have revealed a collaboration watch that can precisely adjust its time on its own with GPS. The watch will be available in a limited amount worldwide around the middle of 2021. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

This collaboration watch is based on the Seiko Astron model, which features state-of-the-art technology. Its battery is entirely powered by light. It can also automatically align its time appropriate to the user’s time zone with a single button press. It can even maintain its precision by regularly connecting to a GPS network.

The Kojima Productions limited SBXC097 Astron watch will be available at select Seiko boutiques and retailers worldwide in June 2021. However, Seiko will produce only 1,000 units of the watch with the unit number etched on the back case. In Japan, the high-tech watch will come with a price tag of 374,000 yen (~$3,525).

The Japanese press release also revealed a Japan-exclusive SBXC095 model, which will come with an even flashier black-and-white bracelet and an alternative nylon strap worn by the Ludens mascot in the illustration. Seiko will make this model at an even lower amount with just 120 units. Although it comes out earlier in Japan on May 14, 2021, it will be priced even higher at 429,900 yen (~$4,050).

The first game from the new Kojima Productions, Death Stranding, is immediately available on PlayStation 4 and PC. The studio is currently working on an unspecified new project after hiring new staff members in October 2020.

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