Konami Code Anniversary

Konami Celebrates 35th Anniversary of Konami Code with Music Remixes

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To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Konami Code, Konami has teamed up with various musicians to release remixed tracks from Gradius. This includes a “lofi hiphop” compilation of tracks from the classic arcade title, and a remix of the theme by Tokyo Machine. Consumers can also get their hands on exclusive merchandise at this time as part of the anniversary of the Konami Code. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

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Merchandise includes Gradius T-shirts featuring logos from various Gradius titles. Consumers can purchase these commemorative T-shirts through Konami’s official storefront on Amazon Japan. Additionally, another Gradius remix is available to purchase in through the Apple iTunes store, or to stream entirely for free through Spotify. Listeners from around the world can stream the song, as it isn’t region locked to Japan.

As mentioned previously, a “lofi hiphop” version of various Konami tracks has also been released. This video was uploaded to YouTube, and includes an accompanying illustration and motion graphic to mimic the popular video format. A total of six tracks are available to listen to. The track list includes:

  • “Beginning Of The History” (Gradius Chill Remix)
  • “Machi” (Ganbare Goemon Chill Remix)
  • “Yie Ar KUNG-FU” (Yie Ar KUNG-FU Chill Remix)
  • “Twinbee’s Home Town Song” (TwinBee Chill Remix)
  • “Power of Anger” (Salamander Chill Remix)
  • “Challenger 1985” (Gradius Chill Remix)

You can listen to the tracks below.

Gradius is immediately available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch through the Arcade Archives.

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