Konami Revives Busou Shinki Series With Smartphone And Arcade Games


At Japan Amusement Expo (JAEPO), Konami announced that a new smartphone game and arcade game are in the works for the company’s Busou Shinki series, which hasn’t seen a new game since the PSP days. The smartphone game is currently tentatively titled Busou Shinki R and is in development with no launch window yet. More information on this game will be released via the Busou Shinki series site and the official series Twitter.

Meanwhile, the arcade game is titled Busou Shinki: Armored Princess Battle Conductor and is an action game featuring joystick and button controls. Check out some screenshots below: [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

According to Konami, Armored Princess Battle Conductor is a ‘raising-type action game’ where you collect robot girls (Shinki) and battle in order to earn the title of the strongest ‘Battle Conductor’. Your interactions with the robot girls will affect your battles and, depending on how you customize them, your robot girl will play differently than others of the same model.

The robot girls are in full 3D, and you can communicate with them via the arcade game. The arcade machine will also work with the Card Connect system, where you can save your progress with your favorite robot girls as cards.

The Busou Shinki line was started in 2006 as a line of Konami x Kotobukiya action figures, and were praised for having highly customizable weapons and armor (Busou). While there were a whole line of video games, anime, and other developments, the series went into hibernation for several years until 2018, where Konami announced a new project was in the works. Considering that the smartphone game tagline is the same as the new project’s (‘Re Arm, Boot, Construct!!!’), this game is likely related to that project.

Busou Shinki R (tent.) is in development for smartphones. Busou Shinki: Armored Princess Battle Conductor is in development for arcades.

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