The KORG M01D music synthesizer app for Nintendo 3DS is launching in both Europe as well as North America today. The app will cost $34.00/€24.99/£19.99. Here’s a brief overview of the app from developer Detune:


KORG M01D Main Specifications:

8 part multi-timbral synthesizer with 342 sounds (max 24 voices)

Includes all of the original sounds from the KORG M1, selected sounds from the KORG 01/w and some all new sounds developed for the M01

Master effects: Reverb and Delay

8 track/max 64 step sequencer for 1 scene/ up to 99 scenes

Sound browser, Mixer, Keyboard

Easy input “KAOSS” mode for notes, chords and drums using the touch screen

Exchange song data with other Nintendo 3DS using Nintendo local wireless communication and via the Internet

3D viewing of M01D on the 3D Screen


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