efsrw.jpg The latest scans from Famitsu have revealed some surprising new information about Namco Bandai's upcoming Monolith Soft-developed Nintendo DS RPG Endless Frontier Super Robot Wars OG Saga. Namely, that KOS-MOS, star of the Xenosaga series, will be appearing in the game. And not just KOS-MOS, but Reiji and Xiaomu, the protagonists of Namco X Capcom, as well. It'll be interesting to see if this game fits into the canon of either Xenosaga or Namco X Capcom. Also, one has to wonder if any characters from other series will show up in the game. KOS-MOS, Reiji, and Xiaomu make great additions to the cast, but what other crossover characters would you readers out there like to see in the game?   


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