Kotobukiya Announces Three New Fate/Grand Order Figures

kotobukiya fate/grand order figures

Kotobukiya announced that it will release three figures of characters from Fate/Grand Order. Figures of Leonardo da Vinci (Rider) and Astolfo (Saber) are still in development. It also showed off an unpainted prototype of its Altria Pendragon (Ruler) figure. While da Vinci and Astolfo will appear in their first ascensions, the Altria figure uses her second.

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The Altria figure from Kotobukiya will have a removable hat, jacket, and skirt. The “skirt” in reference is tied around her waist and she is wearing her swimsuit underneath. While her first and third ascensions place her in a bunny suit outfit, Altria in a swimsuit and without the decorative cloth is what she looks like in her final ascension. Kotobukiya did not announce a release window for this figure.

As for the da Vinci and Astolfo figures, Kotobukiya shared very little information on when to expect them. As Astolfo is in his first ascension, he is wearing slightly less than when he is in his second ascension, which is the sprite Lasengle usually uses for him in the story. Meanwhile, da Vinci looks the way that she normally does when she appears in the main plot. There are also no release windows for these figures as of yet.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available worldwide on mobile devices. The Fate/Grand Order figures from Kotobukiya will come out some time in the near future. Other figures Kotobukiya recently announced include one of Athena Asamiya from KOF 98.

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