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Kuro no Kiseki Protagonist Can Transform Into the Powerful Grendel

Kuro no Kiseki Grendel

Nihon Falcom revealed a new gameplay system in The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki, featuring the protagonist Van Arkride’s transformation into the superhero-like Grendel. Van is able to transform with the help of Mare, the special AI installed inside his Xipha device, after passing a certain point in the storyline.

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The Grendel transformation will make Van even stronger in Kuro no Kiseki battles. He will be able to act twice in the same turn. Stacking S-Boosts will also allow him to attack multiple times in succession.

Many of his attacks will inflict debuffs on enemies. Even his most basic Quick Blow can reduce an enemy’s physical defense. Another attack of his, the Heavy Spike, will reduce the target’s magical attack. The player can use the Grendel’s double-actions to instantly weaken the enemies.

Despite having transformed into Grendel, Van can still fight with other party members. They can still support and buff each other while facing strong enemies.

Kuro no Kiseki will feature eight main characters in the player’s party. The upcoming RPG will also feature many sub-characters, ranging from new debutants like Elaine Auclair to those returning from prior Trails titles, such as Fie Claussell and Cao Lee.

The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki will be available for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on September 30, 2021, and East Asia in Winter 2021.

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