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Kuro no Kiseki Elaine and René Will Help Van Liven Up The Story


Nihon Falcom has introduced Elaine Auclair and René Kincaid as the first two sub-characters in The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki. Both of them are childhood friends of the protagonist Van Arkride. However, Falcom put them in separate sub-character lists instead of the already-full main character roster. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

In addition to the new characters, Falcom also revealed LGC Alignment as a new gameplay system in this title. You can read more about the new system and characters right below.

Elaine Auclair

Elaine is a 24 year-old ace of Calvard’s Bracer Guild. One year prior, she became the youngest bracer to attain Rank A at just 23. With the “Sword Maiden” nickname, her beautiful face and hazel blonde hair have been featured frequently in the republic’s news media. She received numerous offers to work as a model or actress, but she refused them all as she dedicated her life to become a bracer.

In Kuro no Kiseki, Elaine will unsheathe her knight sword during battles. Prominent voice actress Chiwa Saito will voice her.

René Kincaid

René is a 25 years-old agent working as an aide in the CID (Central Intelligence Department)’s analysis room. His daily duty has him handle multiple cases while gathering information and completing operations. A lot of his female colleagues are charmed by his able-looking aura and smart looks with the glasses. He respects his childhood friends Van and Elaine’s decisions to work separately in the Spriggan and Bracer Guild, respectively.

René can also appear in battles by wielding a military-issue handgun. The famous voice actor Jun Fukuyama will provide his voice for this character.

LGC Alignment

The new system introduced with this coverage is a moral alignment system that will affect the Spriggan’s relationships with other factions in Calvard. Some of the game’s quests and main story interactions will feature a selection that determines an increase in one of the three possible alignments: Law, Gray, and Chaos.

The alignment chart will also determine which faction the protagonist’s group can cooperate with after a turning point in the middle of the story. A dominant Law alignment will allow Van to join forces with the Bracer Guild. A darker alignment will instead invite the Heiyue mafia to his cause.

Nihon Falcom will release The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki for PlayStation 4 in Japan on September 30, 2021. Clouded Leopard Entertainment will localize the game for East Asia with Korean and Traditional Chinese subtitles in Winter 2021.

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