Lab Zero Shows Off Early “VR Missions” Footage From Indivisible


Lab Zero Games (creator of Skullgirls) has shared in-development footage of its upcoming action-RPG Indivisible.


It focuses specifically on the turn-based battles during the game’s VR Missions. Three different battle types are shown off in total.


At first, it’s a standard turn-based battle with the player and the enemy each taking turns to attack. After this is a battle in which main character Ajna is joined by an “Incarnation” (a summoned spirit) with them supporting each of her attacks with their own.


And, finally, an Advanced battle is seen, with four characters (perhaps a mixture of Incarnation and other heroes) and several enemies battling each other.


Lab Zero is currently developing a prototype of Indivisible that will be available once the game’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo launches later this year.

Chris Priestman