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Lab Zero Unveils A New Superhero-Like Character For Indivisible



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Lab Zero Games has hit and surpassed the $400,000 mark on its Indiegogo for its upcoming RPG Indivisible. To celebrate, the team has revealed another of the Incarnations that will able to join your party.


Called Naga Rider, this warrior of justice is said to thwart evil with a Naga Kick. Lab Zero provides more information on this superhero-like character:


“By day he is an ordinary civilian named Moggal, but at night he creates magical golden armor through the power of Iddhi to become the Naga Rider. He cruises the streets on his magical ‘Legless Mount,’ defeating any criminals who cross his path.


There are many unscrupulous characters in the seedy underbelly of Tai Krung City, but few as nefarious as the drug lord Mara. After Naga Rider’s wife and child are killed as bystanders in a drug-related crime, he wages outright war on the kingpin.”


While $400,000 is a decent goal, the base funding goal of $1,500,000 to make Indivisible is still far off.

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