Lair Land Story 2 English and Japanese Versions Announced

Lair Land Story 2 English and Japanese Versions Announced

A new entry in the Lair Land Story series, also known as Rare Land Story is on the way. Team LLS, Circle Entertainment and Flyhigh Works are working on Lair Land Story 2: Mist of Sea. The Princess Maker-like game will show up on PCs, and its Steam page is now live. English and Japanese localizations are planned. However, there are no release dates yet.

In Lair Land Story 2, players follow a knight and his stepsister as they find themselves in their hometown of Chainch again. Its known for its many mysteries, like supernatural events, ancient ruins, and things showing up on its beach. Your goal is to help Vanina grow as a person. Your decisions regarding her life determine her stats, relationships with other people, and future. After a number of in-game years, you’ll get an ending based on her development.

Here’s a trailer showing how it works.

As for the localizations, they came up on the main page as a discussion regarding plans for the game after launch. Both the Lair Land 2 English and Japanese versions were mentioned. However, the announcement also said, “This will be a large job for us, but we will do our best to get it done.” This could mean they won’t be guaranteed. Other planned extra content will involve an additional career for Vanina, more skills for her, and more NPCs for her to meet. There will also be additional modes and DLC.

The original Lair Land Story appeared on multiple platforms and got a remake. People can find it on the PSP, PC, and most recently Nintendo Switch. It isn’t available in English.

Lair Land Story 2: Mist of Sea will head to PCs in Chinese, with English and Japanese localizations planned.

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