We recently got to check out some new Pokémon from the latest CoroCoro, and new leaked images have surfaced ahead of the new info on Pokémon Sun & Moon that will release at the end of the week. [Thanks, NeoGAF.]


Judging by the looks of the leaked images, the new Pokémon are from a trailer that we can expect to see during the next information reveal that is expected to take place later this week. As convincing as they may be, don’t forget to take them with a grain of salt as usual with leaks, but we’re pretty certain they’re legit.


Note: As we’ve done before, the images do look real, so in order to avoid spoilers for those who wish to see these from the official reveal, we’ll have the images further down below:













Wishiwashi and its “School Form.”




Alolan Raichu with the ability to double its speed when Electric Terrain is active.


Cph_HO7XgAAbuu9 CpiC7-SXYAEAgBr

A closer look at Meoth and Marowak’s Alola Forms.



New Pokémon “Morelull” with Grass/Fairy type and Illuminate/Effect Spore ability.



New sea-cucumber Pokémon “Pyukumuku” with a Water type and Innards Out ability.



“Guzma” the big boss of Team Skull.



Team Skull’s logo.



“Plumeria,” a member and big sister of Team Skull.



And we’ll likely be seeing  a bunch of these guys—Team Skull Grunts.


Pokémon Sun & Moon will release for Nintendo 3DS in Japan and North America on November 18, and in Europe on November 23, 2016.

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