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Learn About Lord of Magna’s Characters’ Fighting Styles


Xseed have published a new localization blog post for Lord of Magna, detailing the game’s element system, which will come into play during battles. In addition to detailing the elements themselves, they’ve also posted a summary of four of the characters’ combat styles.


You can find a brief portion of each character’s details, and click over to Xseed’s blog for more in-depth information, including insight into how their voice-actors were chosen.


Luchs – Void

Voiced by: Robbie Daymond

Luchs isn’t the most physical combatant, which makes sense in context since he’s a simple innkeeper with no combat experience whatsoever. He does have the Lachryma bracelet, however, and that gives him excellent support skills to heal and enhance the girls’ stats in battle. He’s also not without his fair share of surprises, so try as many of his skills as possible and see what works best for you. He has no particular strengths or weaknesses thanks to being closely associated with the Void element.


Charlotte – Flame

Voiced By: Claudia Lenz

It’s no surprise that someone with such a fiery affinity would be among the strongest physical fighters in the party. Lottie’s longsword, Flawless, is close-range but has a wide reach, so she’s the perfect choice for clearing the field of fiends and racking up combos. Outside of when the story demanded it, Lottie never left my party during my initial Japanese playthrough.


Beatrix – Frost

Voiced by: Alexis Tipton

Trixie is cool-minded and poised, making the Frost affinity the most sensible choice for her. She possesses the longest range among the girls with her Bowgun, Selbstgemachte Armbrust (a.k.a. “Handmade/Custom-made Bowgun”), so she’s ideal if you’re into sneaky combat tactics from afar involving barrels that make awesome explosions (everyone loves exploding barrels, right?).


Elfriede – Earth

Voiced by: Kate Davis

One would think of a grounded person if they were related to the Earth element, but Frieda is a bit loopier than your average girl. She’s incredibly smart and a hard worker, but she’s vocal and has every bit the attention span you’d expect from the crazy inventor archetype. She uses a long-range machine gun which she herself invented, called OP4 Vulcan.


Lord of Magna will be released this June in North America and Europe.

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