Learn Basic Math Using Pokemon With Upcoming Calculation Workbook

Pokemon Math Workbook

An upcoming math workbook will utilize classic Pokemon to teach children math. Exclusive to Japan, the workbook is designed for kindergarten children, and it focuses on using Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Blue to teach them various calculations. The book will be sold physically and digitally from retailers like Amazon Japan. The Pokemon math calculation workbook will be available to purchase for ¥1,100 (or $10) on March 31, 2021. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The book teaches basic subtraction and addition using Pokemon to fill the spaces where numbers would be. Children can then solve the math equations by using the number of the Pokemon. Additionally, the book will feature information on each Pokemon such as their height, weight, and even a synopsis. This includes information on their types as well. Only Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Blue will appear in this workbook.

Other recently announced Pokemon merchandise includes a new Spring themed kitchen set. This set features none other than Pokemon mascot Pikachu and has a variety of kitchen items. This includes plates, pans, and even a tea pot.

Pokemon Red and Blue originally released for the Game Boy in 1996 to Japanese audiences. The series would eventually come to the West in 1998, with a European release arriving in 1999.

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