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Learn More About the Angel Unchain Attacks in KOF XV

Learn More About the Angel Unchain Attacks in KOF XV

There’s more to learn about how Angel will fight in KOF XV. The former NESTS member will return with her wrestling moves. To help provide more context for how her moveset acts, specifically her Unchain attacks, SNK Character Designer Tomohiro shared new details about her. This comes after the debut of her trailer.

Here’s Nakata’s full statement. It goes over her Unchain Circle, Finish, and EX version of Step, specifically.

Moving on from KOF XIV, Angel seems to have made a big splash on Twitter! Thanks everyone!

I’m very happy she caught so many eyes.

Angel uses “Unchain” attacks that target overhead and low, and is considered a technical close-range fighter.

The overhead Unchain Circle attacks forward-punch “Hammer Blow” and forward-kick “Sobat,” as well as the low-hitting crouching-punch “Under Blow” and crouching-kick “Assault,” can all knock an opponent down.

You can then follow up with an Unchain Finish “Grapple Kick” for some extra damage.

Besides her Unchain attacks, the motion for her standing CD (blowback) has also been altered. She now kicks straight forward, which has more reach than before, and it can even hit crouching opponents. So, it’s a lot more useful now.

Additionally, the EX version of Unchain “Step” has been altered. Getting close to the opponent, the attack will now hit the opponent and also place Angel behind them for a surprise attack. You can also combo from it, so overall it’s a lot easier to use now.

Angel will certainly take a bit to get used to for new players, but she will not doubt give you a wild ride that you can’t get elsewhere! Check out her wonderful feats when the game launches!

Nakata shares insight about each KOF XV fighter after their dedicated trailer. For example, earlier in November 2021 he talked about changes to Whip.

KOF XV will appear on February 17, 2022 on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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