As promised, this week’s Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in North America kicks off the start of two Virtual Console games a week, until August 1st. This week’s Virtual Console games are the original Legend of Zelda and NES Open Tournament Golf, both for $5 each.


Also available in North America this week is a demo for Heroes of Ruin that lets you try out the game’s online co-op multiplayer.


On the original eShop games front is Arc System Works’ Family Tennis 3D, a game where you can challenge your in-game grandma to a round of tennis on the moon. This one costs $7. Additionally, there’s also another puzzle game by Nikoli, Akari, for $5.


Moving along, this week’s “game of the weekend” discount is for Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword. While it usually costs $7, you’ll be able to download it for $5 from Friday until Sunday, July 8th. You can read our playtest of it here.


Finally, believe it or not, the Wii Virtual Console has eluded death once more. Nintendo released 2020 Super Baseball for 900 Wii Point ($9) and a WiiWare game, Let’s Create! Pottery, is available this week for $5, too.


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