Legendary Trio of Johto Pokémon Event Kicks Off Over Nintendo Wi-Fi

Did you shed many a salty tear when Nintendo of America announced their Gamestop-exclusive Shiny legendary dogs event for Pokémon back in January? Cheer up, for the event is exclusive no more! Oh, and it’s online, making it far more accessible to non U.S. residents.


The Legendary Trio of Johto event kicked off today over the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection in the U.S., Europe and Australia.


Via the Wi-Fi connection Mystery Gift option, you’ll be able to grab yourself a Shiny level 30 Raikou today for all current gen (Nintendo DS) mainline Pokémon RPGs. Raikou will be available until February 13th and will be followed by Entei and Suicune.


Transferring the three legendary dogs over to Pokémon Black/White will allow you to capture Zoroark, who can’t be obtained through normal means. Once the Legendary Trio event concludes, Celebi will be made available over Nintendo Wi-Fi, too.


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