Leon’s Bomber Jacket from RE4 Remake Costs $1500

Leon Jacket RE4 Remake

Leon S. Kennedy is apparently not one to skimp out when it comes to fashion. The Schott sheepskin leather bomber jacket, which Leon wears in the upcoming RE4 Remake, is available for purchase for $1,495. [Thanks, @Jawmuncher!]

Eagle-eyed Resident Evil fans first noticed the jacket’s existence after spotting a disclaimer at the end of the recent RE4 Remake reveal trailer. The disclaimer stated that Leon’s brown sheepskin jacket appeared “with permission from Schott NYC,” a clothing brand based in the US. The brand has been producing high-end jackets since 1913.

Specifically, Leon’s jacket is the Classic B-3 Sheepskin Leather Bomber Jacket. A modified version of the jacket was reportedly worn by American pilots during World War II. The jacket is shearling, and the inside is woolen while the outside is suede. The jacket also comes in black and gold. Interestingly, the jacket first appeared in the beta version of RE4, but was replaced in the final version of the game.

Collecting high-end jackets appears to be a hobby for the counter-terrorist federal agent. Back in September 2021, Capcom announced it would sell an official replica of Leon’s jacket from Resident Evil Infinite Darkness, which cost over $1,000.

The RE4 Remake Leon Kennedy bomber jacket from Schott is available for $1,495. The jacket is available via the Schott NYC website, and ships internationally.

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